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   Sunday, 11.08.2002

CM00/01 & CM01/02 Highscorez: Some new highscores have been added to the list. The CM3 highscores have also been updated after some time.

   Friday, 19.07.2002

Normally I planned a big update of all sections today, but...the time! :)
So I "only" updated the Strange Happenings, links, highscores & the good players list. And with this update, champmaniacs will go into its summer break...

   Sunday, 07.07.2002

Another 15 new Strange Happenings - featuring the worlds oldest U21 player, the most famous benchwarmer, a player who keeps the ball for more than five minutes & David Seamans third spring...

   Saturday, 29.06.2002

The highscores + the links are updated. Strange Happenings and other stuff will follow next time!

   Sunday, 02.06.2002

Strange Happenings, Updates, Editors, Great Players, Menubars, Background Pics, CM Stories, Highscores, Tactics & the CM-Links (in other words: nearly every single section of the page) have been updated!

   Sunday, 28.04.2002

Yet another update of the page in april :)
A lot of stuff has been updated again, although I still have some mails from february/march in my mailbox I wasn't able to answer to yet...
Anyway, today there are 15!! new Strange Happenings, some new downloads, Tips & Tricks for CM01/02, Highscores, etc...

   Saturday, 06.04.2002

Surprise, surprise! Champmaniacs is back again!
After some horrible weeks I finally found some time to update the page again. Though, my mailbox had grown to 140 mails in the meantime, and I still wasn't able to read them all - so for today I just updated the CM links, the CM00/01 and 01/02 highscores, the dream team & off course the strange happenings with eight new screenshots. The latest version (3.7) of Graeme Kelly's saved game editor can also be found on the downloads section now...

   Wednesday, 20.02.2002

Strange Happenings: Seven new interesting and strange CM screenshots to laugh about, e.g. showing that matches at Zaragoza usually are blown off after 89 minutes...

CM01/02 Great Players: More than 30 players have been added to the recommended players list!

CM00/01 & CM01/02 Highscorez: I haven't ever added that much new highscores to the list...

CM Scene: Two new CM-pages can be found in the links section: The english CM Madness, and the dutch CM World from belgium (which very soon will also be available in english)

Downloads: Graeme Kelly's CM Saved-Game Editor version 3.41, a few tactics plus a menubar have been added...

Also updated: Dream Team | CM Stories

   Sunday, 03.02.2002

  We're still alive! Here it is - the first "real" update of the page in 2002...
Some other parts like the CM stories or the great players section will (hopefully) get updated next time!

Strange Happenings: As you had to wait that long for new strange happenings, I decided to put a big package of new weird CM screenshots on the page. Find out why you should never try the armeninan kitchen, or watch the final proof that scots are really parsimonious - plus another 10 strange happenings!

CM00/01 & CM01/02 Highscorez: A lot of new highscores have been added to the list...

CM Scene: Corrected the link to CM-Future...

Downloads: Added some tactic plus a CM01/02 update...

Also updated: Dream Team

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