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Whilst playing Championship Manager I noticed some really strange happenings which I really can't withhold from you. It's not to say the game is crap (why would I do this page then?...), it's just to collect the small things that make you smile while playing a CM game, like negative condition, the upcoming communistic revolution (you'll see what I mean...), or Hwang, the world footballer of the year from south korea.

As this strange happenings collection lives and dies with your input, please mail me screenshots of your strange Championship Manager happenings to add to the gallery!
You don't know how to make a screenshot? Just read this!

The latest additions are always on the last page, which is at the moment Page 40!

So what needs to be said anymore? Just bring with the time to watch more than 600 crazy screenshots...

jez' champmaniacs is a proud member of the SoccerAlliance!