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Strange Happenings: You probably know them already - a collection of screenshots of the strangest & most amazing happenings while playing Championship Manager. Get to know the great Hwang, learn about some weird new rules by the UEFA or just find out why CM3 is the first sign of a coming communistic revolution...

Top 10 Signs: The Top 10 Signs that you're addicted to CM!

CM On The Way: Your computer is crashed and you can't play CM anymore? You're on holiday and don't have your pc with you? You would like to test formations and tactics before you use them in the game, or even want to develop new ones? Then this is what you've been waiting for all the time!

Killer Kahn: Very interesting picture of Bayern Munich's goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. Made after the match Freiburg - Bayern, where a golf ball throwed by a so called Freiburg "fan" hit his head...

Clydebank: Wanna buy a football club? Then Clydebank is the right address for you. After relegation into division 2 chairman John Hall wants to get rid of the whole team, which now can be yours for just about 250,000. This article is from a german newspaper - if you've got the original one from an english sports magazine where John Hall offers his know what to do! Please mail it!

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