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Top 10 Signs that you're addicted to CM  
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You might know such Top 10 lists from comedy shows on TV - well, here are the Top 10 Signs that someone is addicted to CM. Between may and august 2001 you had the opportunity to submit your suggestions and to vote for the final standings. All in all there were exactly 111 suggestions by 40 truly CM-addicts, and nearly 800 people who voted for their favourite out of the remaining 16 suggestions which "qualified" for the vote - thanks to everyone who participated!

But I've babbled enough now... here are the ultimate Top 16 of Signs that you're addicted to CM:
16) When you find that your 'testing' of the latest feature doesn't actually stop until you find out if you can take Brighton to the play-offs (by Marc Vaughan, Lead Programmer of Sports Interactive) 0.81 %
15) When your answer on the final exam is "I want to Negotiate" (by sslazio11 / Xtratime Forums) 1.08 %
14) When you model your haircut on Ov Collyer - explanation: Oliver Collyer is one of the CM-inventors (by Adam Koloszko) 1.35 %
13) When you've got your Inter-Toto cup final win as your windows-desktop (by Adam Koloszko) 1.89 %
12) When your quite surprised by your chiefs decision to sack you instead of giving you some extra holidays for winning the Championsleague within your working hours (by Alexander Schubert) 2.97 %
11) If someone else uses your PC they see the CM menubar permanently burned into the left side of the monitor (by Adam Koloszko) 3.92 %
10) When you're happy that your favourite team sacks its manager, because you'd like to take over the job (by Alexander Schulz) 4.73 %
9) When you're applying for a new job, and you list your "english 3rd division manager of the month" award on the top of your personal record (by Jarle Tammen, similar one by sslazio11 / Xtratime Forums) 4.86 %
8) When there's a buttock shaped hole in your chair 5.54 %
7) When you can recite all the names of the Finland U-21's by squad number (by Adam Koloszko, similar one by Paul Linley) 7.03 %
6) When you look for players for your favourite club in real life to sign, and then send them suggestions (by Adam Koloszko, similar one by ST / Xtratime Forums) 7.43 %
5) When watching a boring match on TV, you're vainly looking for a button on your remote control to switch the commentary speed to 'very fast' (by Jarle Tammen, similar one by The Mighty Barnet / SI Games Messageboard 8.78 %
4) You are playing the game right now! (by Gerald Teo) 10 %
3) When you spend 3 hours on the editor after you've just watched a match on the telly (by Adam Koloszko) 10.68 %
2) When you start telling your girlfried she's "squad rotated" (by adam2k1 / Xtratime Forums) 11.76 %

And the The Top-Sign that you're addicted to CM is...
When someone trys to chat up your girlfriend, and you reply "She is indispensable and not for sale at any price" (by Dan / Xtratime Forums) 17.16 %

More signs to be a CM-addict:
It's been unbelievable hard to decide which of the suggestions I should put into the vote and which not - so some very good ideas unfortunately couldn't make it to the vote. But a lot of them are just too good to not give them a mention, so here another 24 signs to be an CM-addict:

# Your teacher was hardly trying to convince you that CM stands for Contribution Margin, not Championship Manager (by Lazindo01 / Xtratime Forums)

# You are always begging for test prospones, but your teacher always say "they are sorry, but they are not able to comply your request due to the packed schedule..." (by The FIFA, not the real - this one is from the Xtratime Forums)

# When you call yourself Manager of the month, while introducing to a women. (by sslazio11 / Xtratime Forums)

# When someone knocks on your door while playing CM and you open it expecting it to be Tommy Mooney asking for a transfer when in fact its your sister asking you for some change. (by Dan / Xtratime Forums)

# When you try to trade your girlfried plus £10 for a younger one. (by adam2k1 / Xtratime Forums)

# I think the biggest sign that I'm addicted to CM is the fact that I relate real life transfers to those that I see in my game. I thought Montella was on the verge of signing for Fenerbahçe, cos I saw that in the game. It slipped my mind that it was in the GAME, not in the news. I had my uncle, dad, and grand father all really, really excited about this news... Now when they ask I tell them that Roma was asking for too much money....Just to save my own @ss (by Prince-T / Xtratime Forums, similar one by John Weatherill and Konstantinos Konstantas)

# The team you support buys a player in real-life that your mate hasn't heard of, but you insist that he is an excellent playe, just because he's good in CM. (by Tom Keyte, similar one by ST / Xtratime Forums and Stuart Thompson)

# When you're rating your girlfriend out of 20 - e.g. lips 5, hair 13, eyes 16. (by David McCall, similar one by Kieran Brunwin)

# When you look out of the window and think "blimey it's gone dark early tonight". (by Stephen Barratt, similar one by Rich)

# About three years ago, I was playing with Barcelona. Within a couple of months I had played 18 seasons and became the coach of The Netherlands as well. The nights were long and the sleep was short. I was a student at that time, so I had little money to spend (in real life). Sometimes my parents leant me some dough. One night I dreamt that my mother gave me 100 Dutch guilders to make it 'til the end of the month and she said to me: "But don't spend it on transfers!" That was the moment that I realised I was addicted to CM... (by Floris Brandriet)

# You produced that much sweat the least 20 hours playing CM, that you can't get up of your chair because...the sweat just works like a super-glue! (by Niclas Ryzavy)

# You spend a whole weekend to find some strange things in all of your 14 saved games, to be able to send screenshots of them to champmaniacs to put them into the strange happenings. But as you know every single of the 300 screenshots by memory, it's hard for you to really find something new. (by Niclas Ryzavy, similar one by Gerald Teo)

# You try to find players or staff who are female and sign them to your club! (by Gerald Teo)

# You create ( or die trying to ^-^ ) killer tactics and mail them to ChampManiacs and your favourite club hoping you will become famous! (by Gerald Teo)

# You put yourself into the game with all attributes at 20... (by Gerald Teo)

# When you're stuck with your girlfriend, you go on holiday to get over that certain date - hoping the computer, oh, I mean friendship, will not hang up anymore (by David Crha, similar one by Niv Tanne aka "cleaver")

# You wake up in the middle of the night screaming:"I should put Beckham on the transfer list!" (by Niv Tanne aka "cleaver")

# You're now sitting on the toilet at your school for about 30 minutes trying to scribble down new tactical formations on the toilet-paper (by Marcel Tinant, similar one by Ian Haponiev and Gazz Priest)

# Because you're hating AS Roma, you start a new game managing them so bad, to relegate them into the non-league status. Everytime you get sacked, you click on "add new manager" and take them over again...And this takes you a whole week of your free time... (by Cristian Saverino, similar one by Gavin Williams)

# You make a webpage about it (by Stuart Thompson) - Damned, no, I'm not addicted. I could stop playing at any time I want!

# You never switch your PC off, so that you don't have to wait that long when you start CM when you come home (by David Berger, similar one by Konstantinos Konstantas)

# When you submit suggestions to the 10 signs that your addicted to CM. (by Paul Linley)

# You're more worried about your 'virtual' job as manager of Norwich City than you are about your real job as an IT security consultant at a major international bank. (by Ed Bailey)

# You get sacked in real life - and think: "Hmm, no problem, I'll get a new job then". The same day, you get sacked as Bolton-manager in CM and think about suicide... (by Olafur Bjarnarsson)

jez' champmaniacs is a proud member of the SoccerAlliance!