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CM00/01 News & Infos  
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The latest Championship Manager game, CM00/01, was released on october 27th. The following informations are mainly taken from newsletters by Sports Interactive

34 Screenshots of CM00/01 (Please scroll down if the link doesn't work for you)
Download CM00/01 Demo (v3.81) and play a half season in england, 8.3MB
Interview with the Collyer Brothers about CM00/01 - by Gamespot UK
Second part of the Collyer Brothers Interview, about CM4 and Euro 2k...
Gamespot UK Preview about CM00/01...
CM00/01 Preview by PC Zone...

    CM00/01 Key Features
  • Twenty-six concurrent leagues will be playable (argentina, australia, belgium, brazil, croatia, denmark, england, finland, france, germany, greece, holland, ireland, italy, japan, northern ireland, norway, poland, portugal, russia, scotland, spain, sweden, turkey, usa and wales!)
  • Accurate profiles and histories for over 50,000 players, managers and coaches, collated by a dedicated army of football fans from every corner of the globe.
  • A full interactive transfer system featuring all the elements of modern day negotiations.
  • Full international simulation featuring all the major tournaments plus B-team and U-21 management opportunities. Now includes the Olympic Games U23 tournament.
  • Data Editor, allowing you to change and modify the stats used in the game. Keep your teams squads up to date or even add yourself into the game.
  • Local and National media involvement, you can now read and reply to media stories about the clubs and players and events in the game.
  • For the ultimate challenge you can now play the game using randomised fictional players.
    Improvements on Championship Manager 99/00
  • All competitions, awards, transfer and disciplinary rules updated; the game is now based on the 2000/01 season!
  • Further improvements and enhancements to the match engine and user interface
  • Added player statistics (including shots on target and pass completion ratios), to aid your player analysis
  • A live league table on match day allowing you to plot how your clubs position in the table will change as the goals fly in.
  • Improved staff feedback on the current squad and potential signing’s via the news and player profiles. Now includes coach and physio reports.
  • Improved player feedback via the news and player profiles.
  • Managers now have the chance to approach the Football Association to request the postponement of fixtures and to complain about the referee
  • Updated player and team photos.
Here some screenshots taken from the Sports Interactive page: (Click on the pictures to enjoy them in full size)

More media involvement...

The turkish first division...

Some new statistics...

And even more new statistics...

New team statistics...

The Live League Table...
(picture from PC Zone preview)

Coaches report on players...
(picture from PC Zone preview)

Complain about the ref, or request
a match-postponement...
(picture from PC Zone preview)

More complaining players ;)
(picture from PC Zone preview)

Another example of new statistics, like passing ratios or tackles per game...
(picture from PC Zone preview)

Barmby liking the Liverpool
dressing room atmosphere...

Another example of the live
league table...

Bayern denies rumours...

All the latest transfers:
Robbie Keane at Inter...

Newspapers reporting unrests...

The CM00/01 Editor -1...

The CM00/01 Editor -2..

The CM00/01 Editor -3...

The CM00/01 Editor -4...

The CM00/01 Editor -5...

Pundits say what they're thinking...

Player Future - more detailed...

Player receiving cricism
from media...

Who of your players is
unavailable for the next match?

Players statistics...

Team instructions - decide your playmaker...

Specific player instructions...

Teams can become a PLC...

Confirm or deny rumours...

Cole set for call-up?...

Players announce their feelings...

Media questioning players...

Are the supporters happy?

Criticise or defend team...

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