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SIGAMES.COM - home of the Championship Manager 'makers'
Feral Interactive - publishers of the CM00/01 Mac-version


Arild's CM page
Being the Boss - CM game with Wrexh.
Bids CM Site
Bones' Champ Site
Centrum CM
Championship Manager Live
Championship Manager 00/01
Championship Manager Followers
Championship Manager Menubars
ChampManager International
Champman On-line
Champman United
CM 9798
CM 9900
CManager Center
CM Belgium
CM Biscuits
CM Central
CM Cup
CM3 Dimension
CM Discussion Forum
CM Dutch
CM Dynasty
CM France
CM Gamer
CM Germany
CM Goal
CM Greece
CM Guide
CM Hall of Fame
CM Hall of Fame
CM Info
CM Interactive - interactive CM game
CM Italia
CM3 Italia
CM Links - All the links U need
CM Luxembourg
CM Mackem - Crowd Chant Downloads
CM Madness
CM Manager Finland
CM00/01 Mania
CM Millenium
CM Norden
CM Perfeito

CM Planet
CM Portugal
CM Revolution
CM Scotland - CM á Íslandi - NEW!
CM Snowball
CM Spain
CM Star
CM Time
CM Turkey
CM Universe
CM Warehouse
CM Webmasters - for CM Webmasters
CM World
CM3 Zine
CM Zone
CM3 Zone
Corrona - CM Menubars
Edds CM3 Page
From the Sidelines
Gazza's CM Links page
Gonzalo's CM page
i-League Football - fantasy game - NEW!
Ingrana Jones' Home Page
Just Practising - CM game with Man City
Love of Champman
Match Day
Mundo Manager
Offensive CM
Onur Dalli's page
Project CM
Quality Stuff - NEW!
Red Card Online
Scar's CM3 Hall of Fame
Scotty's ChampMan Page
Scudetto Web
Simon Treanor's CM-update page (old)
Spamfritter CM9900
The Best of CM
The CM Group
The Dugout
The EnterTrainer
The Full 90mins
The Ultimate Interactive CM Site
Top CM
Türk CM
Ultimate Championship Manager (UCM)

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