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Tips, Tricks and Cheats for CM00/01 - Page 1 / 2  
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To everyone who bought the german CM00/01 - how to use real player names
In the german CM00/01 version (aka 'Der MeisterTrainer') it's not possible to play with real names. Though, there is an easy fix for this: In the 'data' folder you'll find the file 'player_setup.cfg'. Just open that file with an easy texteditor, delete the word "GERMAN" from the first line, and save.

Some tactics are better, some others will give you the sack - but you won't find a real killer tactic in CM00/01. Finding the right tactic may need a very long time, especially if you don't have the players (or the money for the players) to adapt to a certain tactic which would rule the world in your opinion. Anyway you always should adapt the tactic to the players you have, the best time to do this is in the pre-season friendlies, when your board doesn't care that much if one of your experiments results in a 0-5 defeat.

Position Important Characteristics
Goalkeeper: Reflexes, Handling, Positioning, Balance, Bravery
Left / Right Defenders: Tackling, Positioning, Pace, Heading, Anticipation, Strength, Marking
Central Defenders: Tackling, Positioning, Pace, Heading, Anticipation, Strength, Marking, Bravery, Teamwork
Defensive Midfield: Stamina, Tackling, Positioning, Passing, Heading, Teamwork
Attacking Wingers: Passing, Shooting, Off the Ball, Creativity, Pace, Crossing
Attacking Midfield: Passing, Shooting, Off the Ball, Creativity, Pace, Teamwork, Anticipation, Dribbling
Fast Striker: Shooting, Anticipation, Pace, Acceleration, Off the Ball
Target Striker: Heading, Shooting, Anticipation, Passing

Beside that you also shouldn't forget the stamina for outfield players. If it's below 10, he's probably only able to play one match every week, if you don't substitute him after 60 minutes already. If the condition of a player on the matchday is below 85%, you better just place him on the substitution bench and call up another player instead. The lower his condition is, the higher is the risk of an injury - and also he won't play that good! So if within the match the condition of a player goes below 70 or even 60%, you should better substitute him.
All that - and a lot more - you should consider if you're trying to find the best tactic for your team. If you want to try some tactics which already proved to be good, just download some from the download area.

If you don't like to make the training-settings yourself, you can also leave anything on default. Though, this obviously isn't the best solution...
But no matter how you decide on this, you should always have the best possible assistant manager, coaches and physios in your team. Some trainings schedules are available for download in the download area!

CM00/01 running too slow?
If your CM00/01 is running too slow, try to...
- Turn Off Flashing Text (Game Options)
- Turn On Background Processing (Game Options)
- Start a game using the Minimum Database Setting (Game Options)
- Start a game using fewer leagues (Game Setup Screens)
- Start a game using storing fewer match stats (Game Options)
Anyway I'd recommend only to select one league in the foreground, and about four or five in the background.

Get rid of unwanted players...
Especially interesting for the small club managers of you: If you want to sell one of your players and you get an offer - set his status as "not needed by the club" to be sure he'll leave your club - and not suddenly changes his mind! [submitted by Gautier Ryckeboer]

Save money / signing on fee
When you offer a contract to a player, always put the signing on fee down to 0, if there are no offers from other clubs.

Better chances to sign a player
If there are other clubs who offered the player a contract, offer him slightly higher wages than he expects. This way you should have better chances to get that player. You could also offer him a higher signing on fee or a minimum fee release clause. Though, offering such a clause should always be the last thing you do.

Signing players who aren't interested
You need to have a lot of luck, but if you offer the player more money than he gets at his current club, plus maybe a high signing on fee or a minimum fee release clause, he might join your club anyway...

Fining Players - one of my favourite options in CM..;)
There are five possible reasons you can fine (or warn) a player for, which, if you use them in the right way, will improve the players attitude slightly:

No Reason This will mostly ever make the player unhappy, only use it if you really dislike that player...
Unprofessional Behaviour This reason you should use for fining, if the player e.g. misses the training. The most players will accept it in this case, but not everyone.
Dismissal in prior match Select this reason if the player was sent off during the previous match. This should also be accepted by the most players - if they were sent off of course.
Violent Behaviour If the player has shown a violent behaviour on the pitch, select this reason for fining him.
Poor Performance If a player has had a match rating of 4 or even lower in the previous match, fine him for his poor performance. The most players will also accept it if they had a match rating of 5, but they also might get unhappy.

Anyway, you should never warn & fine too much, as the friends of that player or even the board could also get upset. Only use this option if you're sure you're doing the right thing!

Squad Status
Only players with the team status 'Backup Player', 'Hot Prospect' or 'Decent Young Player' will accept playing in the reserves for a longer time. Though, if you change a players status from 'Important First Team Player' into one of this three, the player probably also will become unhappy. In this case place the player on the transfer list, and then take him of the list again - now he shouldn't be unhappy about his squad status anymore.

How to make a screenshot
How to make a screenshot? Hit the "print" key which you should find right from "F12", then run paint, Paint Shop Pro or something like that and "paste" it there (mostly with Ctrl + V). If you want to send me that shot (e.g. for the strange CM happenings), please save it as a Bitmap (*.bmp) and use e.g. WinZip to compress the file.
Still one thing, if you're playing CM99/00 in windowed mode, hit "Alt" + "Print" to make the screenshot.

Keeping Morale High
If you want to have some success, you should always keep an eye on the morale of your players. To keep the players happy, you should follow this 'rules':
- Don't tell your players they'd be important first team players if they're substitutes!
- Your star player won't be happy if he gets the lowest wages in the team!
- A few foreign players might have problems to learn the new language...
- A player might not like that you try to train him for a new position!
- If a player has a request, and you ignore him, he'll also be unhappy.
- Better don't criticise him in the media!
- There might be other players in the team he doesn't like...
- Always win, and your player won't become unhappy that fast...;)
The're a lot of more things which can cause a player to become unhappy, but usually the player explains why he isn't happy.

Players lacking match fitness?
If your players are always lacking match fitness when the season starts, just arrange some friendlies. Also a good way to try out new tactics.

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