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CM3 Features  
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As you surely know already when you found this page - CM3 is a football management simulation. This means you can be the manager of a football club, you've the control over transfers, tactics, every other footie simulation. But CM3 is more. Since CM2 Germany, which was my first game of the CM-series, I'm addicted to that game. It doesn't have a great design, it doesn't have the hundreds or even thousands of icons other games have, you can't buy a hot dog stand. But- do you need that? CM3 goes another way, it's just realistic, more realistic than the rest. You've masses of teams, players and statistics other sims are dreaming of.

  • There are more than 25.000 players in the game, plus coaches, scouts, assistant managers and physios you can assign.
  • You can choose a league from 15 different countries. In each country you can choose your club in at least two leagues, in england it even goes down to the conference (5th league!).
  • The countries are: argentina, belgium, brazil, denmark, england, france, germany, holland, italy, japan, norway, portugal, scotland, spain and sweden.
  • If your computer is too slow to run all leagues together, you can decide what leagues you don't want to play for making the game faster.
  • It's possible to add new leagues later. There's already an israeli patch available.
  • You have a reserve squad to test new players or bring up youngsters, which you also can manage, if you want.
  • Make detailed training schedules for your players.
  • You can send out scouts to specific areas/countries to find new players for your team.
  • An unbelievable mass of statistics for every clubs history, player and your own managing carrier.
  • There can play up to 16 managers, playing via network is also possible.
  • Very detailed tactics for team also also individual players.
  • With the official updates you can change the language of your CM3. Portuguese, french and spain are possible.
  • Minimum requirements to run one league: a P133 with 16MB and 100MB hard disk space.

Some screenshots are available at the Sports Interactive Limited page. Or just check out the strange happenings

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