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Coaches, Scouts, Physios... for CM3  
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Here I can't list you really good staff, it's unpossible to say who's the best, you can't compare who is doing a better job. So the best is only to compare their attributes. Look that you have at least one coach with good attributes in coaching goalkeepers, the others with high coaching outfield players, and also at least one for tactics. All should have a high motivating, and I also look how good they work with youngsters, especially your assistant who's doing your reserve squad when you don't. The other ratings, the higher, the better. Also look that the coach prefers the same style of play you prefer.

Scouts are very important, especially for small and medium clubs. When you go to "player search" you can only see very famous and regional players, when you sent your scouts, they also find that great australian striker, that you couldn't find. You can also search all the clubs in CM3 yourself, but that will take some time.
They should have at least high ratings in judging player ability and potential.

Physios: I couldn't notice big differences here until now, if I had 3 top physios or 1 crap, I had the same number of injuries, and also recovering didn't took longer. But I still try to sign physios with high physiotherapy.

Two very good coaches are Richard Stacey (only when you run the english league) and Bob Clayton. They both should be interested in joining smaller clubs.
But...did you notice they're also in the game credits? btw, the Collyers are also in the database of 3.02, and for conference teams they're not bad.

Another tip: Don't look only for interested staff, the most I could assign were not interested!

Player/Coaches: In 3.02 they're often are a good alternative for small clubs, in 3.03x it's now easier to sign normal coaches, which are better the most times. Every player older than 30 can be assigned as a player/coach.

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