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Tips, Tricks and Cheats for CM00/01 - Page 2 / 2  
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Physio & Coach Reports
Very useful option for youth players which just promoted into the senior team, or players which are on a trial to your team - just request a report about the player, and your physio / coach will tell you what he thinks about the player.

National manager in the first season
The same way it worked with CM3: At game start, look out a team where is a player whose country you want to manage. Click on the players nationality to view the international squad of his country. Now click on "control" and you're the manager of e.g. england. -> Only works with countries with at least 150 players in the game you're running. (Also works with "Add manager" in a running game)

Free Transfers
If you're managing a smaller club, always look out for players who are available on a free transfer. Send your scouts out to every region and shortlist every free transfered player you're interested in, also if he isn't interested to sign for your club. Every player will be interested to join you when he is jobless some time, you only have to have the luck that he doesn't sign for another club before...

Good places to scout for youngsters
Promising youngsters are playing in every division, but in sweden, portugal, argentina & brazil you'll find the most & also cheapest.

Get big players to small clubs
You're a small club? Always check who of the players in the major leagues is unhappy and might be interested in a move. [submitted by Richie]

Get a player for free
If you want to sign a player for free, say Owen, add a manager as manager of Liverpool, go to Owen's stats and release him on a free transfer. Now before pressing continue resign as manager of Liverpool. The board will not block his free transfer and you can sign him with the club you are playing with properly (he must be interested, though...). If you do this in the first couple of weeks time goes by so quickly that he will be released and some other club will sign him, so wait a couple of weeks. [submitted by "Gazza" and Matt Sweet aka "Sweety"]

Bankrupt a club
Sometimes it could make fun to totally bankrupt a club...;) To do this add another manager controlling this club. Offer some players a contract with the highest possible wages and the longest deal - After they accepted release them on a free using the cheat above (get a player for free). [submitted by "Gazza"]

Win every game (aka the Ctrl+Alt+Del tactic)
A very easy but also very useful tactic. If you are going to compete with a strong team and you are uncertain of winning, save the game, then play the match. If you lose press Ctrl+Alt+Del and end the game. Now restore the saved game and keep playing until you win it. This way you don't lose any game - but it can become a quite long, frustrating job. And with doing this, it's guaranted you won't have any fun winning competitions this way... [submitted by rames]

Exit without saving II
If you want to exit the game without saving it then just retire from the club and then exit the game. [by Damir Merdanovic]

Keep players from missing training
If you have a player that wants to leave and a bigger club makes an offer, rejecting it will often make the player miss training, which forces you to sell. Instead, delay the offer for a week. A week later the offer will appear again. Delay it again and the club will pull out of the transfer. Alternatively you can also change the amount of money e.g. to £50 million pounds - no team will pay that much. [by Martin Brighton / Micky D]

Make profit with transfers
Very interesting for small or medium clubs: Try sign as much quality players as possible on the bosman rule (give them short contracts!) - but only EU players if you're playing in western europe. Mostly it's easy to sell those players for a lot of dosh after a few weeks! [submitted by Niclas Ryzavy]

Work Permits (in england and scotland)
In england and scotland every player who is not from one of the EU countries needs a work permit. I'm not sure how that works in real life, but in the most cases in CM3 he'll get a permit if he has 10 or more caps for his country. This permit gets renewed every year if the player has done at least 75% of all the league games he's been able to play (games when he's been not injured, not banned or not away to play for his national team). If he lost his permit the only way to get it back is to sell or release him and then buy him back...

Player Posistions Tip
If you go to on one of the empty training slots and create one, make sure you specify a new posistion and side. This works best with young defenders, and increases your depth in posistions without having to buy more players, handy with smaller clubs. [submitted by Danny Beckett]

Buying players in free transfers
If a player on a free transfer doesn't want to come to your club, then offer him a 4 week trial. If he accepts, offer him a contract again while he is on trial at your club. [by Tom Hoarč]

Block player transfers to other clubs
If there's a player you want to buy, and maybe you currently don't have enough money to buy him - Go ahead & bid for the player, but then make sure you offer the club a fee that you can't be able to afford & also the offer the player the best contract you can give. Then when the transfer is canceled due to insufficent funds, you won a few weeks. Just carry on biding whenever any other club bid for your player. When you have the money, buy him! [by Grim Reaper]

Keep your coaches
Have you ever noticed when you are a low-division team and bigger clubs go in for your coaches, well if you go to the coach, then his transfer window, the team which have made an offer and click 'cancel' it will keep the coach at the club... [by Michael Drury]

How to find good youngsters in a particular country
A good way to look for young players in a country is to add a manager controlling the national team of that particular country, all players/non players aged from 10 should appear in the player search... [by chanzinc]

Get more money from your player-transfers
To make more money on the transfer market when you're selling a player, negotiate an offer of e.g. 4 million to 3.5 plus about 7 million after 10 games. The chances that the other team accepts this negotiation aren't bad - now the player just has to play the 10 matches, and you'll get some extra money... [by Niall Condren]

Sell players / make clubs interested
When one of your players is transfer listed some time, and no club is interested in him, take him off from the list and directly transfer list him again. Now sometimes you've the luck that someone is interested.

Get more money out of player transfers
When a bid comes in, try exchanging for their highest valued player, or a selection of players totalling the value that you are looking for. The prospective buyer will then either offer a higher bid or a part exchange. If you are offered a part exchange, offer poor terms, the player will reject your offer and the transfer fee is increased accordingly. [by George Wight]

If a player gets unhappy...
e.g. because you don't allow him moving the club, try to loan him out to another team, and directly recall him again. Now he might be happy again! [by Jeff Townsley]

Cheaper contracts
When you buy a player, you often have to pay him a large contract. When that player signs for your team you can often give him a cheaper contract: just offer him a bit less money than he gets at that moment, don't give him a signing on fee but be sure to give him a relegation release clause of £0, and keep doing this until he doesn't accept any more. For 'big' players this probably won't work. [by Gregory Pen]

Don't pay compensations
If you agree to buy a player who's contract is running out, but have to pay compensation because he is young. Offer him a contract and accept the deal, then cancel the transfer about a few days before it's due to go through, the player will then say he's leaving on a bosman, then when he leaves, you can sign him on a free without having to pay the compensation. But - there might also be other clubs trying to sign him on a free then...[by Scott Williamson]

Save wages & transfer fees
When making a bid for a player, fee after 1 league appearanace carries the same effect of immediate cash. Offer a huge sum of transfer fee after the first league appearance any club cannot resist. Sell the player to another club that you control before he plays any match for you. You then can sell him to an other club or buy him back. The players also might ask for lower salary after several transfers (the player must be transfer-listed everytime you sell him)!...[by chanzinc]

Selling scouts, coaches, etc.
If a team goes for one of your scouts or coaches, and your only going to get a low compensation for him, cancel the deal by clicking on the scouts transfer and then offer him a huge wage and a long-term contract. When the team goes for your scout again, if he has accepted your contract, they will now have to pay lots more in compensation...[by shorty]

If Players don't wanna Come?
If after having a bid accepted for a player, he doesn't want to come to your club, offer him a contract on a MONTH to MONTH basis instead of being till June '05 or whatever, this might make the player come to you. If you're playing as Forest Green Rovers in the conference, and have a &20 million bid for David Beckham accepted not even this will make him come to you, but it always works within reason. [by Paul Myers]

Having success with youth players
"My personal addition which is getting very popular in my games now is the reserve squad. These players can be vital to your success. I usually hire about 20 odd amount of youth players aged 15-17 and include them into the squad and promote them at 20-21. I fire them if they are 18-19 with poor stats for the current league we are heading for or are in." Robbie wrote something more about this tip - if you have JavaScript enabled, you can read it by clicking this link! [by Robbie B]

Password Forgotten?
If you lose the password to a saved game on CM00/01, type in sportsinteractive and you can get in your game again [by Sladey]

Tip on non-EU youth players
If there is an non-EU player you'd really like to sign, but you already have too much non-EU players in your squad: Try to get him on loan. If he then returns to his old club at the end of the season, he will have his second (EU)-nationality, so that you can buy him now. (I didn't try this one yet) Dejan wrote something more about this tip - if you have JavaScript enabled, you can read it by clicking this link! [by Dejan Oreskovic]

Higher wage budget
Offer one of your players the highest wage you can offer on 'indespensible to the club'. Then when he accepts your wage budget will have increased. (The more you do it the higher the wages, but if you have less than 5 million then don't do it too much otherwise the board will cut it right back down again.) [by Smudge]

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